Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 13

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Here's one question one of my subscribers asked me recently...

Question - You have 50 products in your sales funnel. That's amazing to me. I don't even have one product. Writing articles for me can be difficult, I don't know why. I hope to write articles as easy as you one day. Thanks for answering my questions. I am going to start writing some articles now. How can I motivate my self to write more articles daily?

Answer - The best way to motivate yourself to write articles is to give a value to your article in terms of the dollar amount, traffic and leads each article will get you.

If you are starting out and you don't have a number to assign to each article give some assumed number. For example:

1 article - 10 visitors - 3 leads - $30 profits

This is how the numbers look for me. When you write one article just feel that you have already made $30 profits.

Keep the momentum going and write more articles and now focus on how you can make these numbers a reality. If you focus on this from now even though you don't have one single product your mind will actually set up the circumstances to get things in place.

It actually happens one step at a time.

You first write 100 articles and then you evaluate the traffic you are receiving. Then you try to increase your article traffic doing some testing.

You then try to increase your squeeze page conversion.

When you have leads coming in you set up your front end product for maximum conversion.

Then you focus in creating more products, preferably coaching programs, high ticket packages and membership sites that will increase your per lead value.

When you do all this and you have a powerful product funnel you will get your numbers in place.

When you have your numbers tracked down then you can actually outsource most of your traffic stuff like article writing and submission and focus exclusively in increasing the value per lead of your entire sales funnel.

This is how every thing comes into place.

Whether you write 1 article per day or 10, make sure you set your article numbers and get started from day one.

If you focus blindly on writing and submitting articles you will notice that you don't get any results and then you get de-motivated. This will not be the case if you track everything.

Your testing results will motivate you to write more articles, give you self-confidence and you will love the process because you know you will be growing every single day.

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