How to Convert Your WordPress Blog into a Mobile App

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If you’ve already got a WordPress blog that is full of content, getting good traffic and has attracted a healthy following in your niche, you might want to consider converting your blog into a mobile app.

Why create a mobile app?
A mobile app is not a mobile website, but a stand alone native application that utilizes push notifications, can be used on or offline, and is speedier than a mobile website. The biggest benefit to having your own mobile app is the colossal exposure you can get for your brand once your app appears in the iTunes and Google app marketplaces.

There are dozens of options for converting a website to a mobile app. here are just a few of the services or plugins that convert WordPress blogs.

Premium services for converting your blog into a mobile app:
Appifier is a newly launched premium service, just recently out of beta, which converts WordPress blogs into mobile apps. They offer a monthly payment option at $39.99 per month, or you can pay a one time fee of $499. For this fee you get submission to the iTunes store, unlimited push notifications, custom design, social media sharing options and analytics.

Wiziapp is a premium WordPress plugin that easily converts a blog into a native mobile app for either Google's Android or Apple's iPhone. With Wiziapp you get push notifications, your readers can share posts via Facebook, Twitter or SMS, and they can search your entire blog from your app. Wiziapp will submit your app to the iTunes store for you, and you have the option of monetizing your app by displaying AdMob advertising within your app.

Free & ad-supported plugins which will convert your blog into a mobile app:
WP-Touch is the wildly popular, free plugin that allows users to transform their WordPress blog into and application-like theme that provides a rewarding experience for those viewing your site from an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android mobile device, Palm and Blackberry mobile device.

UppSite is another free, WordPress plugin that will convert your blog into iPhone, Android and Windows 7 native mobile apps.

Some of the features of this plugin include:
-Commenting on your blog from the app
-Social media sharing
-Ability to update your blog from your smart phone
-Can be customized
-Can be submitted to app stores

After installing the plugin and registering for UppSite, you will apply for app creation. Your request will be reviewed before they can be submitted to the app stores. Google Market's approval is almost immediately, while Apple's can take as long as two weeks for approval.

AppsBuilder is a free, ad-supported service that converts your WordPress blog to a native app for iPhone, iPad (Windows coming soon) and Android smart phones. You get free software updates and analytics, and you can publish the app you create in Apple's iTunes and Google's Android marketplaces.

So, now you’ve got several options from which to choose when you are ready to create your first mobile app. Whether you have a location based business and you are trying to get more customers in the door, or you have an online business and you are trying to attract more visitors to use and engage with the content on your site, with more people accessing the Internet using mobile devices than computers, without a mobile app you are leaving money on the table.

Mobile marketing is sizzling hot right now, and there is so much to learn about how to use this exciting channel to get more traffic, leads and sales from your marketing efforts online. Visit today.
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