Product Creation - How To Create Small Reports And Sell Them For Fat Profits

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Creating small reports and selling them is an easy way to generate multiple product funnels and streams of continuous income. If you want to make cold, hard cash in your online business, then having a product funnel is very important. A product funnel allows you to maximize your profits as well as giving your customers maximum value and the best experience.

A small report is often the first step in your marketing funnel. The best marketers will often create a small report as a taster for what's to come in their paid products. If your report can offer great information, people will be thinking what's inside your paid product. They will want to buy your product to get more information from you.

It is relatively easy to create a small report. There are two choices: you can either write it yourself or source it out to a professional freelancer. A site I use is Get A Freelancer if I want to create reports on niche markets that I'm not so clued in about.

Once you have your completed Word document, simply convert it into a PDF format using the various free tools around the web. Simply do a search for PDF converters and I'm pretty sure you'll find some good options for getting started. Alternatively, you can also make full use of Adobe's free pdf conversion tool on their website. You are allowed 5 free conversions.

When you have your report ready to sell, create a sales letter to sell it. I won't go into how to write your sales letter (there are tons of articles on that; you can see some of my articles on copywriting too). Then find and contact potential joint venture partners and get them to sell it for you! Emphasize 'what's in it for me'.

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