Information Marketing Secrets - How To Mine The Riches In Information Marketing

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Information marketing is effective offline. But it's potent online. It has created dozens of 'job quitters' who have from nowhere manifested a full-time income online. So here's how you can mine the riches in information marketing the easy way:

1) Find A Super Hot Niche Market

This has to be a market that spends truckloads of money. The self-improvement and health markets are hot these days, and I myself am planning to enter these markets and attempt to create a 4-figure income from it.

2) Create An Irresistible Product

Go and create that product that solves the deepest problems of your target market and you will never run short of cash. How do you find out the problems of your target market? Survey your subscribers list (if you have one) or the easier way: go to niche forums and simply ask questions and ask them to complete a survey. You can offer your completed product as the prize for completing your survey.

3) Persistent Marketing

You have to market your information product consistently to create a sizable income from your business. Aim to generate at least 100 to 200 visitors a day to your website. That number is certainly doable. If you have a conversion rate of 2% (that's the industry average), you will make 2 to 4 sales a day. For a $20 product, that is $40 a day to $80 a day. Then just scale your traffic generation to increase your traffic. Spend more money on marketing and you will increase your visitor rate and hence your sales and your profits.

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