Top "Idea Hangouts" For Generating Hypnotic Domain Names

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It can be difficult to find the perfect domain name for your website. Millions of domain names have been registered, and the well is starting to run dry, but that does not mean you cannot snatch a hypnotic domain name for yourself. There are still some good options for any niche you can think of, as long as you use some of that imagination of yours.

If you are in need of ideas to generate new domain names, here are some top Internet "Idea Hangouts" to get your brain juices flowing:

1) Magazines

Magazines are the masters in creating headlines which grab the attention of the prospect and reader. Can you grab some domain ideas from magazines in your niche? You bet you can? Just flip through a few magazines in a bookstore and you'll be able to crank out a few cool names in just minutes. Take that list and choose the one that you think is the best and register it!

2) Encyclopedias

Visit online encyclopedias like Wikipedia to get some ideas. You can search for your niche topic or even sub-topics within the niche. Read the articles and see if any interesting phrases stand out that you can use. Sometimes you might forget about some buzzwords in your niche that might work well in a domain name.

3) Forums

Forums are where your target market hangs out. See which threads get the most responses. Is it because of a great thread title? If it is, consider generating some spin-off domain names of that title. It's proven to convert, so you will have a URL that grabs attention instantly.

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