Power Article Marketing - A Simple Tactic To Create Article Titles That Pull In Endless Clicks!

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Article marketing is currently hands down the best way to drive free traffic to your site. Why? Because a good article can bring in residual traffic even years later. Not only that, a good article can work to increase the credibility of the author.

Here's a simple tip to create irresistible article titles (and as you know, a GREAT article title is half the battle won!):

If you are on many email lists, you would receive many emails from marketers daily.

There are three kinds of email subject lines Internet marketers write:

1) Curiosity based (example: it happens in 72 hours...)

2) Benefit based (example: how to rank #1 in Google...)

3) Curiosity and Benefit based (example: how to rank #1 in Google using this underground method!)

You really want to look out for subject lines that fall into the 2nd and 3rd category. Just use the search button in your email account to find your favorite marketer's emails. Whose emails do you respond to? Those marketers write the best subject lines.

Create a simple swipe file in Microsoft Word or Notepade with these subject lines and use them to create article titles. For example "How to rank #1 in Google using this underground method!" can be changed to "How to become an eBay powerseller using these covert strategies!") Edit them to suit your article topics. If you've been in the online marketing game a long time, you have a goldmine of email subject lines you can tap on.

Using this simple spying strategy can make your articles work harder as they pull in more traffic...

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