Profiting From Domain Names - Be Wary Of Domain Squatting

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When trying to profit from domain names, one of the things to be wary of is 'cybersquatting'. This occurs when a person registers a domain name which contains a trademark in it, with the intention to profit now or later on when the domain name is being sold.

Purchasing a domain name with a trademark in it is a dangerous proposition. Most companies don't bother unless your site is profit oriented, but it's better not to take a chance. Purchasing a domain name which has a trademark opens a can of worms which may get a person in trouble. The legal costs will not be worth the trouble, and you may get bad publicity too. Recently, a few people were sued by Microsoft for using their brand name in their domain names with the purpose of domain squatting.

If you really want to purchase a domain name which contains the trademark, then it might be best to approach the company in question and ask them for their policy on using their brand in third-party domain names. It's best not to trust what the customer service representative says. Instead, ask to be directed to a person who is in charge of such matters. Rather than making an educated guess, it's best to get advice from the company themselves. This will save you a lot of legal hassle later on if you go on to purchase the domain name.

Profiting from domain names and expired domains remains a great way to earn an income from the Internet, but stay clear of legal troubles and you will be alright.

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