Mastering Craigslist - 5 Secrets To Succeeding Wildly With Craigslist

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Many marketers have made thousands solely from promoting their products (whether it's their own or affiliate products) on Craigslist. Here are 5 secrets of their success:

1) Post in the right places

California and New York often receive the most traffic so you would do well to post your ads there. The more traffic you receive, the more sales you make! Simple, right?

2) Write killer ad copy

Ad copy is crucial to your Craigslist success. Your headline needs to be right on the money to get the clicks. Your ad also needs to spell the benefits out to the reader so that he will be compelled to pull his credit card. Killer copy is the key to creating storms of cash.

3) Persistent posting

Once an ad ends, post a new one if the previous one was successful. After all, Craigslist is free to use and you'll only make more money with this simple action!

4) Testing, testing, testing

You need to keep testing your ad copy so see which pulls the better results. You'll never have the ultimate ad, but you need to keep beating your 'control'. What's a control? Well, in the ad writing world, trying to beat your control means trying to beat either your headline, a single bullet point, or an opening sentence. You do not change the whole ad, but just one variable to see if it improves results.

5) Have a killer product

Your product must really grab the prospect's attention and interest. It must be compelling enough that they'll give you their money! Do not promote anything less than a top quality product. Your business success depends on it.

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