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The second most important tool that a modern marketer has at their disposal is the internet, the first, of course, being their mind. There are literally hundreds of strategies that an online marketer can use to promote their business and unlike traditional forms of advertising, the internet exposes your business to the whole world.

However, internet marketing is much more competitive than traditional methods. A great marketer doesn't see this as a negative, but as an opportunity to become the very best in their industry. With the right amount of hard work and well thought out marketing strategy you can succeed in the virtual market and start making money. Below are some tools that are perfect for promoting a small business online.

Using Social Networks
Social networking has become ubiquitous and networks such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace have become valuable advertising tools for the intrepid marketer. The numbers of consumers that use these networks are staggering so creating a page for your business to showcase your services or products is definitely a smart idea. This way your business can easily be found and when someone chooses to follow your page they automatically promote you to their contacts. It is easy, basically free and highly effective.

Forums and Blogs
Two more effective marketing tools for small businesses are forums and blogs. These are generally casual environments where potential clients can get to know more about your business and what you have to offer. Blogs allow you to describe your business in detail, and include pictures and video of your products or services in action. Forums allow you to network with your peers and clients directly, which is vital in order to gain trust.

Credibility is everything when it comes to online marketing. You build your reputation by providing key details about your business, keeping in contact with you customers and allowing your clientele to leave honest reviews about your service or product. Your potential clients will reply more on customer reviews than anything else, so make sure that you are putting you best foot forward at all times.

These are but a few of the useful tools available online to help promote your business. Starting out can be scary, but if you work hard, do your research and make smart marketing choices, you too can begin to make money online from home.

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