Mobile Marketing - A Low-Cost Marketing Solution

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Mobile App marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing strategies available for promoting your business.
Mobile applications, or Apps, come with features that aren't found on a mobile website. Besides the regular info, there is a range of other features that can help you in your marketing endeavors - and many of them are free!

Most Apps offer a feature called "push notifications" which are essentially text messages that are sent via the App. These allow you inform you customers about any discounts, specials or new products that are coming out. These are permission-based, have a high open rate (over 90%) and are free to the customer. Compare this to the cost of SMS marketing and you can see which one is the better investment.

A great way to make sure your customers frequently open and use your App is to add additional features that are useful and easy to use. Calculators, QR scanners and tip guides are all great additions for this purpose.

Some of the most effectual tools for marketing in your App can only work by using the mobile phone's integrated OS. This is something that definitely can't be found in a basic mobile website, so it is something that should be taken advantage of. Many successful Apps use a mobile's video recording, camera or GPS tracking as a part of the App which offers something fun and unique to the user.

One touch features are another important feature that your App will come with. You can add a "tell a friend" button that will make sure your users can send your information to their friends via Facebook, Twitter, SMS or email. If you add this feature along with a discount code or other promotion you can get you customers to help market that promotion. Word of mouth is the most effective type of marketing, and if you can get that going then the sky is the limit.

When it comes to ROI, the cost of putting out a high quality App for your business is probably the best new marketing solution out there. To find out more about marketing you business online, click here.
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