4 Ways For The Underdog To Dominate The Search Engines

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Every day, more and more websites are trying to rank well in the search engines. How does an underdog with a small marketing budget stay on top of the game? Here are 4 simple ways to start increasing your search engine rankings:

1) Offer a free ebook to give away

Look for websites in the positions that you aspire to be in the future. Contact them and ask them to giveaway your ebook to their visitors. Include your website link in the ebook. They get free content that keeps their visitors happy, while you get free traffic.

2) Write reviews for websites

Again, look to the websites with good rankings in your niche. Write them a good review and give them the permission to post it on their website. This gives them social proof, while you have the free traffic.

3) Post in forums

Find popular forums in your niche and post in them. This way, you'll be getting some free traffic and also by including your link in your signature, you are also increasing your relevance in the search engines at the same time.

4) Become the content provider

Offer to write content for a high-ranking website in your niche, either for a small fee or for free. Include your URL in the bio box of all your articles and allow the website owner to republish it. Website owners are always trying to come up with new content and if you can do this for them at a low cost or nothing at all, they will take you up on your offer.

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