How To Keep Your Visitors Coming Back For More And More!

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Generating traffic is one thing, but ensuring repeat visits is another. It is harder to acquire a new visitor then it is to get a repeat visitor. Of course, if your site is a simple sales page, then keeping your visitors coming back for more than a few times is not really necessary, but if you manage a content site, it is something you have to consider.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you update your content site or create a new one:

1) Create a blog

A blog is a publishing tool that encourages interactivity. Write in an informal and casual manner to interact with your visitors and allow them to post their comments.

2) Create a forum

A forum is one of the top ways to ensure repeat visits. If you have a vibrant forum, there will be visitors all day and all year round. Pool in your friends and Internet buddies and start creating stimulating discussions. Once the word spreads, your forum can only grow bigger and bigger!

3) Create polls and contests

Polls are a great way to get your visitors to air their opinions. This allows your visitors to get more involved with your website. Hold little friendly contests once a in a while too. People like being part of a fun competition!

4) Update your site constantly

Have your website updated at least once every two weeks at the minimum. If your content is outdated, visitors won't come back, thinking the site is dead. You have to constantly update your site so that your site always appears new and fresh!

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