How To Double Your Traffic With Content Syndication

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Which would you prefer...a single page of your content on your own website or several copies of different versions of the same content spread all over the net, all funnelling traffic to your site or squeeze page. I know what I would go for.
One of the best ways to achieve widespread readership is through syndication of your content by other digital publishers who reach a similar market as yours. These include sites accepting guest-posts, web 2.0 sites, regulated article sites like ideamarketers and qondio, as well as social media like facebook, youtube, pinterest and twitter.

They may syndicate and re-publish your content as blog posts, email newsletter content, web page content, or even link to it in their posts on social networks.

Moreover, for every article or content you create, you must make different versions of the same content by converting it into different formats...record yourself reading out the article and upload it as a podcast to itunes, make a powerpoint slide based on the keypoints and convert it into a video with camtasia, and upload it on youtube. If you don’t have the time to do these simple things that will guarantee you’ll get traffic, why not outsource them on odesk for cheap.

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