How to Get Hundreds of Subscribers With Viral Reports

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This is exactly the traffic stream that adds at least a thousand subscribers to my list every 30 days, and I'm sharing this with you because I've seen how deadly effective it can be. Generally, a viral report is one that sweeps across your niche because readers share it with one another. In order to be "share worthy," your report needs to have most of the following characteristics
Unique content.
Your report may include:
- Unusual or even controversial ideas or information. If your report includes something that no one else is talking about, people will share it.

- Entertaining/engaging content. If your writing style is as exciting as burnt toast, then get a ghostwriter to write it for you. Even if you share unusual content, it won't be share-worthy if it's boring to read.

- Extraordinarily useful content. Tip: Give away what others are charging big bucks for. Go to clickbank or even the wso forum to find out the top sellers in your niche.

- Funny content. This doesn't work in every niche, but it's effective if you can pull it off.

And of course, when there's an incentive to share it.

Content that has the above characteristics (e.g., it's funny or controversial) naturally get passed around the niche. However, you can give people an incentive to share it by allowing readers to change the links in the report to their affiliate links before sharing it.

This alone is the greatest trick to guaranteeing your report gets viral and sends boatloads of visitors to your squeeze pages.

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