The Secret Strategy That Will Skyrocket The Size of Your List

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Having laboured hard to build your list to up to about 1000, you should now focus 30% of your energies into one strategy and this is Adswapping and finding suitable adswap partners. This single strategy is what will double your list more than any other free method
You must be careful though and choose your partners very carefully. Do not swap on the basis of list-size, but ask for guaranteed clicks. If your potential adswap partner cannot easily quote a number or starts making excuses, that’s a red flag, and it is time to start looking elsewhere.

Use your overall clickthrough average on previous mailings to your list to determine the number of subscribers you’ll send the adswap email to. For example, if your typical ctr is 10% and you are a doing a 50 click swap, then you wills send the offer to 500 – 600 subscribers in your list.

To make your adswaps more effective, you must incorporate these three things
Three things that will Force Subscribers Into Your List
1. A Hard-hitting headline Make your headline as enticing as possible. A good majority of your visitors will opt-in based on the quality of your headline alone. So you’ll want to make sure that you clearly spell out the biggest benefit of your free offer in your headline.
2. Tangibility Let your visitors visually see what they will be getting. Appeal to their visual sense by including an image of the ebook cover, software or whatever you’re giving away for free. You’ll easily get an additional 10% rise in conversions from this.
3. Eye-Draggers Use strong arrows to point towards your opt-in form. Like ad-blindness, many people are now getting squeeze page blindness, so you must use attention catchers such as big arrows or animations (usually red colour is best) to lead them to the most important section of your page, your opt-in form.

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