Laser-Targeted Offline Advertising For The Super Affiliate

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As the name suggests, offline advertising is any kind of advertising you do away from the Internet! Like online advertising, this opens up a whole range of new avenues, like radio ads, television ads and newspaper advertorials.

Offline advertising is usually more expensive, but the results can be great. People who respond to offline advertisements are usually much more targeted. The trick with offline advertising is to advertise in as many places as possible.

You can start by printing out name cards and car stickers. This is great for branding purposes. You can also use your name cards in networking events like seminars or leave them at restaurant tables when you have finished your meal.

One of the best ways to advertise offline is to use your local newspaper advertising spots. Call them up to enquire about the rates and see if they fall within your budget. Once you are satisfied that the newspaper is the right place to fire your ad, just submit your ad in either a digital document or physically by mail. Choose the date you want to advertise in and the spot you want to fill in the newspaper, and you are good to go.

The most important thing about offline advertising, like online advertising, is your ad's copy. Your copy has to be strong, or it will fail, whether online or offline. Either hire a professional copywriter to draw up a hard-hitting ad for you, or spend some time learning time-tested copywriting techniques. Venture into this 'unknown' and you'll be way ahead of other affiliates!

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