5 Proven Internet Money-Making Models That Thousands Are Using To Make Money In Their Pajamas

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1) Affiliate Marketing

This model requires you to sell nothing. That's right, nothing! All you are doing is acting as a middleman that directs the customer to a merchant's website. You make a commission whenever a customer buys something from your affiliate link.

2) Resell Rights

This is one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. You invest in some products which have resell rights, meaning you can resell them and collect 100% of the profits. Essentially, the product becomes your own.

3) Selling Your Own Products

Selling your own products means you become the merchant instead of the middleman. You get to keep all the profits and can promote affiliates to work for you. There are two kinds of products you can create and sell: physical products and digital products. Digital products are a great option because they require very little upfront investment to get started and does not have to be shipped out.

4) Content Websites

Also popularly known as 'Virtual Real Estate' these days. VRE websites are content websites that have some sort of monetization built in for the website owner. Usually these monetization 'weapons' include Google Adsense ads, and affiliate advertisements such as banners and links.

5) Ezine Publishing

Ezines are websites that act as newsletters. They are periodically updated by the owners with the latest news in the niche. You can sell advertising to other website owners if your website drives in lots of traffic. This method can be combined with the content website method mentioned above. For added punch, you can also include a blog to encourage interactivity with your visitors.

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