Super Affiliate Advertising Techniques For Fast Clickbank Commissions

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So you already have a website. If you want to use it in affiliate advertising, the next step you should take is to drive enough traffic to your site. The money you'll get from your affiliate program doesn't entirely rely on the program you've joined in or on the payment structure you've agreed with the merchant. What matters is the affiliate advertising you will carry out.
Types of Advertising Options
When running an affiliate program, you can consider three different types of advertising options. These are:
1. Banners and Emails - you can place flashy banners on your site to encourage site visitors to click on. There are also email templates which you can use to send out to your lists.
2. Product Feeds - they come in either CVS or XML file containing the merchant's products, prices, and links to the specific product. You can use product feeds to make your own catalogue in your site.
3. Text Links - These are text based links pointing to the merchant's site. As an affiliate, you can use these to add text links to your site. You can also use these links to manage your own search engine pay-per-click program.
Keep in mind that the banners you place in your site will compete with other content for the visitor's attention. So be very sure that your advertising strategies are effective enough for you to achieve best results. The banners you should put in your site must be in relation to the site's lay-out and other content. Make sure also that the products you promote are up to date.

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