Why Pay Per Action Affiliate Programs Are So Great And How To Profit Wildly From Them!

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The majority of affiliate marketers promote pay per sale affiliate programs, but there are a minority group of affiliate marketers making a silent killing from pay per action affiliate programs. Instead of directing a visitor to a page that says 'buy or leave', the user only needs to enter some information for you to get paid a commission. And you can paid as much as $5-$10 for every lead you generate!

Why does this work like crazy? Because it is far easier to get someone to fill in some information that it is for them to spend money! Many pay per action affiliate marketers have used this factor to their great advantage. Instead of promoting high-end affiliate products which might convert 1 out of every 200 visitors, you can convert as many as 20-40 visitors out of every 100 who enter your page.

There are many ways to make insane profits with pay per action affiliate programs. One popular method is to use Google Adwords to promote these programs. This is one way to get really targeted traffic to your affiliate link. And you can get this traffic within minutes. You just need to find keywords which have many searches, yet do not have too much too much competition. This task can be made easier by purchasing a software program such as Keyword Elite.

Another way to promote pay per action affiliate programs is by creating a content rich website. For example, if you are promoting a genealogy affiliate program, you can create a site talking all about genealogy and drive traffic to it.

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