5 Killer Headline Templates You Can Copy And Paste

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Writing a killer headline doesn't have to be difficult if you follow these proven templates which have stood the test of time:

1) How To _______

This is the classic 'How To' headline. This always works because people are always looking for some sort of how to information that can help improve their lives, save time, save money, or make money. Whenever you are stuck for headline ideas, using a 'how to' headline always works.

2) Imagine________

The 'imagine' headline works well because it makes the reader form pictures in his mind. It makes the reader envision the benefits he will get if he purchases your product. This makes your offer very appealing indeed.

3) Secrets Of _______

People always want to know secrets. If you have some information which very little people know about, this is a headline that can work very well. The word 'secrets' is a power word that again draws up imaginations.

4) Who Else Wants To ________?

This headline is a powerful one. By asking 'who else wants to', you are implying that someone has already done what your product promised to do. Also, people like to follow the crowd so they would want to know what they could be missing out on.

5) Announcing _______

This gives your offer added importance. The word 'announcing' implies that there is something so important that you are 'announcing' it. It implies that you have benefits to offer a large group of people. It also gives your offer 'newness'.

These 5 headline templates are among the most effective of all time. Use them wisely.

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