Secret Google Tools That Can Build Your List Without SEO

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You may have been wondering how some product owners are always on the scene wherever their products are mentioned. The trick is a simple one - they're using 'Google Alerts' and 'Google Latest' to monitor wherever their names or products are being mentioned.

However, we'll be using these two tools as our undercover guns to reverse-engineer their own methods and whatever promotions they are using for traffic, and then replicate these for our own products. 'Google Alerts' can be configured at Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content to send you an instant email notification whenever the name of your competitor's product is mentioned.

This way you'll be able to find out wherever he has taken his product promotion to, and replicate the same to achieve faster results: wherever he's seeking JV partners, his sources of affiliates, the forums he's taking his marketing to, if he is doing press releases, or using social media like twitter or facebook, if he is publishing on Scribd or Slideshare, how and where he's building backlinks using his product as the anchor text, and most importantly, the shortcomings of his product as being reported by his users, thus allowing you to do justice to those shortcomings in your own product and give yourself another competitive edge over his.

There's really a lot of traffic sources you can discover with this free tool, and you can actually discover a lot of crazy tactics people are using to promote not just their products, but also in affiliate marketing.

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