This One Secret Will Catapult Your Affiliate Commissions Almost Overnight

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One of the biggest kept secrets of successful affiliate marketers is that they keep what is called an 'affiliate portfolio'. Instead of promoting just one affiliate product or service at one given time, they have a set of affiliate products, either in the same niche or in a different niche, which they are promoting constantly. They'll remove products from this portfolio from time to time, and add in new products. But, why is it important to keep a diverse portfolio?

Promoting a range of products not only increases your chances to earn more commissions, it also allows you to see which products are worth promoting for the long-term and which ones are not worth spending time on. If you are pulling in profits on a particular affiliate product, it only makes sense to continue advertising it. However, if you find that an affiliate product is not selling, you can simply dump it!
Imagine if you only promoted one affiliate product at a time. It could be a painful process! You may find yourself moving from one affiliate product to another, trying to find one that sells, and when you do, you may have already lost some money promoting those other products which were duds.

The best advice would be to choose at least three products to start off with. Only one may start selling, but when you find the one that sells, you can push on with promoting it more aggressively. For the two that don't sell, you can simply replace them with other products. Soon, you'll have an arsenal of successful affiliate products which have been proven to make profits for you over and over again!

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