Email Marketing: Improve Subscriber Engagement with a Free eCourse

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Email marketing is still a very effective form of online marketing. The phrase, "The money is in the list," has become a bit of a cliché because it is mostly true. More to the point, the money is actually in a good relationship with your list, but it can be challenging to come up with non sales oriented copy to send to your subscribers that offers value and will teach them to expect high quality information from you.

The trick is to grab your subscribers' attention and engage with them as quickly as possible so that they will open your emails and remain on your list. An e-course is an effective tool that can accomplish those objectives, but the nature and deliver of eCourses has changed over the years. In this article, we're going to look at one thing that you can do to make sure that your subscribers hang in there for the entire course and get all of the great information that you have to offer.

What is an eCourse?
An eCourse is a course that can be taken through email. You can create an eCourse to educate and inform your visitors about your product, or service or whatever the topic of your website might be. The eCourse becomes a 'freemium' product, which is designed to offer something of value so that your subscribers will sign up for your email list in exchange for the valuable information you are offering.

How to set up an eCourse
There are a few ways to put an eCourse together. You can write it yourself, hire a freelancer to write it, or you can re-purpose old blog posts or copy from you website on the topic. A method that Internet marketing expert, Jimmy D. Brown teaches, is to gather articles written by subject matter experts that have been published in article directories (you ask their permission first) so that you do not have to write a word yourself. Another option is that you can re-write a PLR eBook or report so that it captures your voice, personality and brand messaging.

Keep the course short and simple, but be sure to deliver the value that you promise. You can make the course for anywhere from three to seven days long, but beyond that you might be taking on more than you need to in a free course.

Create a lesson for each day, and assign homework for each lesson that requires an action item or two so that they can put what they are learning into practice immediately.

How to keep subscribers engaged in your course
Traditionally, eCourses have been loaded into auto-responders and delivered over the course of however many days the course lasts. These days, however, people's attention spans are so incredibly short. Everyone is demanding instant gratification, so here's how to handle that challenge--deliver the eCourse in a single document.

You can still break the content up into lessons, but then package all of it into a single PDF so that they can see the entire course at a glance.

You can then send them little reminders, bonus content and tips related to the course content, and maybe a FAQ document that contains the most common questions and answers that you have received from your visitors.

If you want to develop a friendly rapport with your email list subscribers, an eCourse is an effective way to deliver value and keep your subscribers coming back and staying on your list because you have delivered such incredible value.

Email marketing is a foundational strategy for online marketing. For additional tips on building an online business, visit today.
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