SEO Tips: 3 New Tools to Help Get Your SEO Tasks Done

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Search engine optimization is critical to your website’s ability to attract organic search engine traffic. Not everyone who runs an online business, however, is an SEO expert. It can be challenging to know what to do to get your website to the top of the search engine results pages, and keep it there. In this article we’re going to look at three of the hot, new SEO tools that promise to help you, the online business owner, to manage the SEO tasks for their websites more efficiently.

1. SEO Profiler
Billed as, "Your complete SEO solution," SEO Profiler offers website optimization, competitive intelligence, link building, keyword research and rank tracking reporting tools. You can get a first month free and a wide range of paid plans to suit the needs of the webmaster with a single website to an SEO firm providing services to their clients.
One of the coolest features of this software is the wide range of tools you gain access to all in one place. You will be able to develop effective keyword strategies, and get actionable reports such as the Backlink IQ, which can give you a competitive advantage. Between the Keyword index tool and the keyword competition tool you will get reports that will help you to take advantage of opportunities quickly.

SEO profiler also has a ranking monitor, so that you can get detailed reports on where you rank in the major search engines, and track your progress to the top.

2. Microsite Masters
Microsite Masters is a SEO tool for SEO professionals. Its main promise is the ability to provide, "advanced tracking metrics to determine campaign efficiency." It also promises the ability to track dozens of SEO campaigns, and determine ROI and measure how SERPs are impacted by other service providers and vendors.

This power SEO tool offers:
  • SEO score board
  • Export PDF reports
  • Automated alerts
  • User Control Panel
  • Multi-user support
The Linkbuilders blog had this to say about this new, SEO tool for 2012, "Cost reduction is just one of the many bi-products from the visual tracking aspects of being able to monitor expenses on a per-keyword basis within Microsite Masters."

They offer a wide variety of pricing plans ranging from the free plan, which does not give you access to the higher-end benefits such as CSV exports, PDF reporting and rank change notifications, which are some of the most critical aspects of this tool that sets it apart, to the enterprise level at $299 per month. Note that the higher the monthly fee, the more keywords, but even at the lowly, "Mom's Basement," level there is an unlimited domain limit for this tool.

3. SEO Power Suite
Comprised of four SEO software packages, the SEO Power Suite has had 150 feature updates from the 2011 edition. The four parts include:

Link Assistant: This software is designed to help you with your link building campaigns. Link assistant assists you in finding link partners, and make sure that those new link partners are linking back to you.

Website Auditor: This tool analyzes both your site and those of your competitors when you are trying to rank for a specific keyword phrase. It will discover what is working to help you rank and let you know what it is. You will also learn which are your most popular keywords, and what your keyword density is.

Rank Tracker: Checks where your site ranks in the search engines, and it automatically checks your rankings to save you time and effort.

SEO Spyglass: This tool allows you to analyze your competition, and find the best quality links for your site.

* Bonus Free SEO Tools:
If you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of free SEO and website research tools, you can visit the website. There you’ll find a ton of resources to help you manage your website’s SEO needs for free.

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