How To Leverage Other People's Lists To EXPLODE Your Traffic For Free

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Now Here are the 3 steps you’ll need to focus on to build a massive list fast using other people’s lists for free

Step #1: Create an attractive affiliate offer.
If you’re selling a digital product (such as a downloadable ebook, video or even access to a membership site), then you should offer at least 50% commissions. However, if you’re primarily interested in list building, then you may consider offering up to 100% commissions (especially if your product is priced low). That way, you get the list and your affiliates get the front-end profits.

Step #2: Recruit affiliates.
The passive way to get affiliates is by joining and adding your product to the marketplace. While you should take that step, that’s not the only step you should take to get affiliates. You should also:
- Tell your list and your other visitors about your affiliate program.

- Encourage your customers to join your affiliate program.

- Look for partners by listing your opportunity in the JV forum at

- List your affiliate program in affiliate directories.

- Ask your existing JV partners to promote.

- Contact your social media network to look for affiliates.

- Join a JV list in your niche (such as the jvnotifypro website).

- Seek out new partners, give them access to your product and ask them to promote.

Tip: You can find potential affiliates by going to and seeing who’s selling products in your niche. Each of these sellers is a potential affiliate. You can also run a search in Google for the names of the top products in your niche, which will help you uncover some of the top affiliates. Contact these affiliates and ask them to promote your product.
- You may also hire a JV broker or affiliate manager, which is someone who finds and recruits affiliates for you. Ask on niche forums for recommendations. Choose people who are well-connected (i.e., they know all the other marketers in the niche) and have a history with successful brokering/managing.

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