CTR | What is a Good Click-Thru Rate and How Do I Get It?

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Click-thru rate is a common term in the world of online marketing. This is the rate at which the ads placed by you are clicked. This is a very important parameter for online marketing professionals and this is important especially for the people who are dealing with affiliate marketing. Click through rate or CTR helps in increasing the traffic to the website and thereby produces more revenue. There are many methods that people depend upon to increase the click through rate, understanding the many benefits of this metric. One very important factor to keep in mind while placing the ad in your website is to try and make the keyword as specific as possible. For example, if you are placing an ad for washing machines, specify the type of washing machine or the brand and model of washing machine if possible. This will certainly attract more clicks to the ad, thereby generating more revenue. Make the keywords refined for certain group of targeted customers rather than placing a generalized keyword. To place these keywords, you need content. To increase click through rate, you need more than just some normal content. Make sure the articles you place in the website are of high quality. Rather than just posting a whole block of text to the website, turn it into something attractive to the readers. Make the points clear by bolding the text or making it bullet lists. Offer something to the people through the articles and make sure you keep the article short and sweet. Allure the customers into clicking the advertisement provided in your website using the beauty of the articles.

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