5 Little-Known Ways To Get FREE Advertising

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1) Sign guestbooks

You can sign guestbooks on blogs and websites. Usually guestbooks give you a way of leaving your URL in there. You could say you liked the site or comment on the topic posted. You can also comment about the graphics or the colors of the site.

2) Send articles to editors

Whenever you write articles, send them to editors of ezines. Ezine editors are always looking for good content to publish in their ezine, and if you article fits the bill, it could get published, giving your business free advertising. It's a win-win situation.

3) Submit testimonials

When you purchase a product or service and you think it deserves your testimonial, give them one. Talk about how you benefited from the product or service, use power words if possible. Give them the permission to publish your testimonial and include your website URL with it.

4) Post in forums

Although this is not really a little-known way, it can still be considered underused. Forum marketing is one of the best ways to get free advertising. Post useful content and ask questions. Include your website URL in your signature file and it gives your website completely free advertising.

5) Write reviews

This is highly underused method which many marketers have not discovered yet. You can write reviews of products you have used on sites like Epinions and Amazon. The trick is to have your website URL as your username. If you write reviews on popular reviews, your URL could be seen by thousands.

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