The Exact Formula For Dominating Niche Markets Like Nobody's Business!

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1) Find a niche market

Use keyword tools like Overture or the one at to find the exact number of searches for a niche keyword. Anything above 50,000 a month has profit potential.

Try not to go after the 'make money online' niche because you'll be competing against many established marketers. Instead going after niche markets where there aren't so many educated Internet marketers is a good choice. You can put your Internet marketing skills to work in these markets.

2) Create a free report

Create a free report about your niche. Make it a useful 10-50 page report with lots of useful information. Don't be afraid to give it away because you'll be making money in other ways.

3) Create an opt-in page

This is where you'll get subscribers to opt-in and give their emails to receive your free report. You'll need an autoresponder for this. A good one is Aweber.

4) Create a One-Time Offer

Here's where you make money. You need to create a special offer that can only be seen once after your subscriber opts-in. A good way to create a one-time offer is to use Resell Rights products.

5) Follow up

Offer relevant products to your subscribers by emailing them once a week or so. This is where you make more cash by providing useful products which tie in to your niche.

There you have it, the exact formula I use day in day out to make one part of my online income. The more you read it, the more you'll understand why it's one of the ultimate business models on the Internet!

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