Secrets To Making Easy Money Online Anytime You Want - Using Just Email!

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If you have been researching ways to make money online, or are already making some cash, then you would know that 'the money is in the list'. I swear if I get a pound every time I read that phrase, my bank account would be flooded to the brim now!

You see, it is true. Having a mailing list that you can mail out offers anytime is like having the license to print money on demand. It is not a myth.

Having a huge mailing list means you can send an offer to them, and within hours, receive orders in your account. So if you're not building your mailing list, start doing so as soon as possible!

So how do you build your list? Simple, by giving prospects a free incentive. You need an incentive for people to opt-in to your mailing list.

An incentive can be a free report, a free membership or free software. You can create a free report easily in just a day if you put your mind to it. Or you can acquire software with giveaway rights.

Another easy way to create an incentive is to call it an email course. You can send automatic follow-ups of your course over a period of say, 7 days.

Make sure you create a really good incentive, sign up for a good autoresponder service like Get Response or Aweber, and then start marketing it like crazy.

A mailing list is the most important asset in ANY online business, so build one today!

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