Email Marketing 101 - 5 Time-Tested Tips For Writing Powerful Emails!

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1. Write as you speak. Since email is a very personal medium, you'll want to write as you talk. People relate better to others whom they feel a connection with. Perhaps even add in some elements of your personal life once in a while so your subscribers will know you better.

2. Write an email when you're happy! Never write when you are feeling agitated. This will show in your emails. If you are chatting with a client or a customer, this is even more important. Try to resolve your differences cordially, because once you send your email, there is no turning back.

3. Create a really good subject line. Your subject line is the first thing your recipient will see. It should be benefit laden and tell the reader what is in it for him or her. However, don't tell the whole story in your subject line. Make your recipient curious enough so he or she will open your email.

4. Make the layout neat and easy to read. Use short, concise sentences whenever possible, and don't ever paragraphs which are too long. It's good to ask yourself before you send out your email: is your email easy to read? Also, try to make your email a short one. If it's too long, most people won't be bothered to read it.

5. Always have a call-to-action. If you are promoting a product, you'd want your reader to click through to your link to buy. So make sure you place in a strong call-to-action. In some instances, your email can act like a salesletter, with all the traditional saleletter techniques, including a call-to-action.

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