Discover The 7 Crucial Elements Of Successful Email Marketing Campaigns!

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One of the best ways to advertise your products and services remains email marketing. Studies show it takes up to 7 emails for customers to buy your product. Although customers may buy the first time they see your offer, if you present your offer a few more times, you'll make more sales.

Here are 7 essential things you must know to ensure a highly-profitable email campaign:

1) Offer free gifts to your subscribers. Not only does it build up your email list, your subscribers will see you as someone who gives.

2) Avoid using spam-filter triggering words like 'free' or 'money'. When email filters see these words in your email, they may consider it as spam and you'll subscriber will not see your email. Substitute 'free' with words like 'no-cost.'

3) Make your email easier to read by using short, sharp statements instead of long paragraphs. This also increases curiosity and your subscribers will read more of your emails.

4) Always have a benefit-driven subject line. The subject line will be decisive in whether your subscribers open your email. Read as many subject lines as possible from other marketers to get a feel of what works.

5) Don't make your email too long. In conjunction with short statements, a shorter letter will tend to be read as it won't take up too much of the reader's time.

6) Always personalize your email by including your subscriber's first name. This is easily done inside your autoresponder's control panel. Doing this gives your emails a personal touch.

7) Don't email too often. Once a week or once every three to four days is good. Emailing too little is also not effective; your subscribers may forget about you.

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