Creating an Effective Squeeze Page to Promote Your Home Make Money Online Business

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One of the best ways to begin list building is to direct traffic to a good squeeze page. If done right, you can easily start seeing double digit conversion rates in as little as a week or two. All of this depends on a number of factors.

Unwanted Links - The number one purpose of the squeeze page is to showcase your product or service to potential subscribers in the hopes that they will opt-in to receive marketing emails. Therefore a squeeze page that includes links that lead them away, even to your Facebook or blog, is going to show a significantly lower conversion rate. Never distract from your main goal.
Location of Sign Up Form - The sign up form should never be located below the fold or "jump" because they will most likely be missed or ignored. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but generally this is the case.
Unreadable Content - The biggest mistake that IMers make is allowing bad copy to mar their otherwise perfect squeeze page. Everything from the headline to the very last detail should be well-written and give your readers valuable information. Nothing sends potential customers running from a product as fast as poor copy. If you aren't a good copy writer then hire one, you'll never regret it.

Lead Magnets - Using low value lead magnets can easily decrease your conversion rate to the point where it's not worth even trying. As with content, your lead magnet should be something valuable to the customer or they will see no need to opt-in and learn more.

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