The Top opt-In Forms for List Building for your Make Money Online Home Based Business

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One of the best ways to promote your business is to build an opt-in mailing list and send out a regular newsletter with information that will be valuable to your potential customers. This builds trust and will make these leads more likely to make a purchase when you offer them a special promotion.
There are numerous ways to gather the needed information to build your mailing list. Below are the top 5 opt-in forms and how they work.
1.) Pop-Up Box - This is a box that pops up for visitors to your site. This can appear as soon as they visit, or when they attempt to leave the page, and may be thwarted by pop-up blockers. Many users also find these annoying though they are very effective.
2.) Opt-In Form - This is by far the most popular choice for internet marketers as it is less likely to annoy the reader. Make sure to place it above the fold or visitors may miss it.
3.) Squeeze Page - The term refers to the fact that the user is forced (squeezed) to sign up in order to proceed. You can either ask that they register to your site before seeing anything beyond the first page, or it can be a page with specially written sales copy and an offer for a free product upon opting in (such as a report). This could also work as a video that explains what you're offering, imbedded in your site or as a pop up.
4.) Footer Opt-In - This is perfect for blogs. It's a script that creates and ad that starts at the bottom of the page and scrolls up. It's an excellent alternative to the pop-up opt-in that might annoy users.
5.) Auto-Responders - This opt-in device automatically sends out emails in a specified interval. These can offer people a free report, and e-course, software etc. Be careful with these if you are getting emails from a questionable source because you can get labeled as spam.

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