3 Easy-To-Implement Methods To Turbocharge Your Ebook Profits!

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One essential aspect of Internet marketing and ebook selling is the conversion rate. If your conversion rate is 1%, that means you are making 1 sale for every 100 prospects or visitors. However if you just increase it to 3%, your are essentially tripling your profits. In this article, we'll look at 4 incredibly ways to improve your conversion rates, and a major difference to your ebook business profits.

Here are the methods:

1) Including a strong money-back guarantee

Studies show that offering a money-back guarantee vastly improves conversion rates. Yes, a few people may rip you off, but the many more sales you make will easily offset that! It also demonstrates that you have confidence in your product, and will refund those who do not achieve the necessary results. A 60-Day or year long lifetime guarantee works best. In fact, if you want to take a it a step further, make a life-long guarantee!

2) Offer a sample of your book

Why do cosmetic departments or even sidewalk snack stores offer samples of their products? That's because it allows you to get a taste of the product before you buy. It whets their appetite for more, and they may buy something they otherwise would not have. You can apply the same strategy by offering a free chapter of your book for download, or even by just including a screenshot of your contents page, just to give them a taste of what they'll get.

3) Have powerful testimonials and endorsements on your salespage

Ask your customers how they feel about your product and include their testimonials on your salespage. Even if you receive negative comments, you can use them as tips to improve your product. You can also ask experts in your field to give your product a lookover and see if they will give an endorsement to your ebook.

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