New Step by step plan to making $400/day from Listbuilding [Newbie Friendly]

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This is the step by step process to earning a good income from internet marketing.

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The basic thing first is to build a list (there's a free report on listbuilding in my signature), you're going to concentrate on the following. 1. Choose a good product to promote
Do not make the common mistake of selling the popular products everyone else is selling. Do a simple research first to know if the product is in demand in the market. Also, make sure that the product you'll choose is of good quality.

2. Do some pre-selling
Most affiliates conduct pre-selling to qualify the leads they will be referring to the merchant's page. This will increase conversion rates because only interested individuals will see the sales page. One thing you can do here is to buy the product you are promoting, and write an honest review about it.

3. Be capable enough of driving traffic to the merchant's sales page
In doing this, you should decide first how you will attract traffic towards your affiliate website. You can go for paid advertising or you can spend time creating authority sites that are content rich and with affiliate advertising placed within them. It is good if you can use both strategies.
The nature of the traffic you drive to your affiliate site also matters. You should be able to send highly-targeted traffic, or else, your conversion rates will not be sufficient to cover the cost of advertising.
The best form of traffic is the traffic that will come from the list you build up over time.

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