The Quick & Easy Formula To Creating Lead Capture Pages That Convert Like Crazy

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Does this sound familiar? You create a landing page, spend all your time driving traffic to it using all the means you can find, and then you discover to your horror... it doesn't convert! It's such a waste because you spent a lot of time and maybe money driving traffic to it.

It's important to have a well-converting squeeze page because even a slight increase in the conversion rate can mean a big difference. For example, the difference between a 20% and 40% conversion rate can mean 200 less subscribers after 1000 visitors. In this article we'll discuss a formula to create well-coverting lead capture pages.

Lead capture pages are usually easy to build, but creating effective pages is more of a tricky task. The first factor you will want to consider is your headline. This is the most important factor of your page. If your headline does not grab the attention of the surfer, they will leave. Make sure your headline sucks them in to read more of your copy.

Next, use bulleted points on your page. Surfers are known to skim through text, and bullet points ease that process. Create enticing bullet points that emphasize benefits. But don't give away too much; this will whet the prospect's appetite.

You can also include graphics of your product or newsletter. This is a worthwhile investment as it will increase the conversion rates of your website considerably. Have your graphics near the top of the page, as this is where most of your visitors will be looking at first.

Lastly, you'll need a strong call to action! Emphasizing instant access to what you have to offer is always a good way to get your prospects to opt-in.

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