The 4 Adsense Secrets You Absolutely Must Know!

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Profiting with Google Adsense has long been a great way for Internet entrepreneurs to bring in lots of cash. Content may be king, but there are other factors which you can control and affect that can instantly boost your Adsense income overnight.

Publishing is a great business and you can make money while doing what you love with Adsense. Here are 4 surefire tips to increase your Adsense profits...

1) Make your ads blend in

It's been proven that having your ads blend with your background and overall color scheme of your site helps improve the click through rates dramatically. Although many may think that contrasting colors work better, research has proven otherwise. If you force your ads on your visitors, they won't click through. So blend in your ads with the rest of your site.

2) Add in variety

Have a number of different ad formats on your website. The two best converting ad formats are the thin skyscraper and the thin border. These two formats are time-tested to bring in the most clicks.

3) Place your ads on the left hand side and the top

It's been proven that people's eyes start looking from the left first. So by placing your ads on the left, there is a higher likelihood that your ads will get clicked upon. Also, the top is a great place, as that's why many visitor's eyes move towards. The bottom is obviously one of the worst places to place ads if Adsense is your main revenue strategy.

4) Use text links if possible

Try not to use image ads because these don't get the click through as well as they used to. Users are now 'banner blind' and relate more to informative text links. So give it to them!

With these 4 tips at your fingertips, it's very possible for you to double or triple your Adsense earnings quickly and easily. Go implement them today!

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