Double Opt-In Form - Pros and Cons for your Make Money Online Home Based Business

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Creating a large list of email addresses and contacts will help a company to expand their business to new levels. Email address lists are considered to be one among the best choices to collect more email addresses. In list-building, there are two different practices in action to collect email address from the customer. They are single opt-in lists and double opt-in lists.
In single opt-in lists, once the customer enter his or her details and hit the submit button, the user will be added to the email address list right then. However, in double opt-in list, when the user hits the submit button, he will be sent a confirmation email to confirm whether or not he wants to subscribe to the email list. Only after the user confirms his participation will he be added to the email list. This ensures security to the user and can avoid spamming too.
Although double opt-in lists takes an extra step or two to complete, many people advocate the use of double opt-in lists because of the different advantages that it offers. First of all, you can make sure that the subscription is legitimate.In single opt-in lists,the email address entered might not be genuine.This can be eliminated to a great extent double opt-in lists. There are also chances that when you send bulk emails to customers, it won't end up in the spam folder. Double opt-in lists can also ensure interested individuals only, which can also help in achieving a certain level of trust from the customers.

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