Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Inviting Your Audience Over For a Chat!

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While the age-old cliché "If you build it, they will come" may have held true in another time and place, it certainly does not hold true in the virtual world. Building a snazzy, jazzy blog and not making any effort to increase traffic to your blog is like throwing a house-warming party and not giving your guests the directions to your new house. In a blogosphere that extends around the world and then some; finding your blog from among millions is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you've just launched a brand new website, here one way of telling your audiences where to find you and inviting them over for a chat.

Bookmark Your Blog at Key Social Bookmarking Sites

Savvy internet users who are looking for valuable information on specific topics usually start their search at social bookmarking sites and then save links to interesting web pages so they can return. Creating profiles at multiple social bookmarking sites is akin to distributing invites saying, "Come on over. Let's chat". Adding excerpts from your blog accompanied by a link to your blog will dramatically increase traffic to your blog as interested readers accept your invitation to come visit. Some of the most highly ranked social bookmarking sites include,, and

One of the things you need to remember when sending out open invitations like this is to be very careful about your choice of keywords and metatags. Haphazard use of irrelevant keywords is like committing virtual hara-kiri. While it will increase traffic to your blog, this traffic will consist of uninterested readers who are likely to be disgruntled at the waste of time and will kill your blog before it even takes off.

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