Article Marketing Tips - 3 Secrets of Making Serious Money With Article Marketing!

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It is the free and easy nature of article marketing that makes it one of the most popular ways to make money online. While writing articles is relatively easy, knowing a few basic article marketing secrets could make the difference between writing articles that are utterly blah and articles that are sizzling hot. Here are 3 things to keep in mind if you want to make some serious money with article marketing:

1- Deliver content that is compelling, captivating & valuable: For readers to want to click on your resource box and visit your website your articles should be intriguing enough to pique their interest and informative enough to make them think that you are a valuable source of information.

2- Submit more articles: The key to increasing your online revenue with article marketing is to submit more articles. The more articles you submit to various online directories and article databases, the higher the odds of attracting target traffic because of higher page ranking and more inbound links. Higher target traffic translates into higher internet sales potential.

3- Be discerning when choosing keywords- One of the most valuable of all article marketing secrets is how to choose the most effective keywords. While you need to use keywords relevant to your niche, sometimes it is best to avoid certain keywords that are exceedingly popular. This is because the more popular a keyword is, the more saturated it is likely to be and you will find yourself facing some really stiff competition to get yourself noticed. To ensure that your article appears in the top 10 of any search, it is sometimes better to target associated search terms that are popular but not oversaturated.

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