AdWords Advertising Tips - 2 Highly Effective Tips For Making Maximum Bang For Your Buck

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The biggest advantage of Google AdWords is also its biggest drawback. AdWords offers all internet marketers a democratic system of advertising that puts you on equal footing with bigger, budget-equipped companies. However, that also means that you are using more or less the same techniques as your competition, most of which are likely reading the same AdWords tips and articles you are. Here are a couple of obscure but equally effective AdWords tips to add to your arsenal.

Smooth Landings

Getting a surfer to click on your link is only half the battle. Make sure that your landing page - the page to which your AdWords URL points - will get your message across and sell your pitch immediately. If you let the customer lose interest, the money you paid for that click will be wasted because it wasn't converted into sales.

At the same time, primping your landing page will improve the relevance of your page to some degree. Google is very wary about relevant pages, and it might just hurt your standing with the search engine if your page is full of useless stuff or irrelevant links.

Don't Waste Your Words

Just because you're given few characters for your ad text doesn't mean you should underestimate it. On the contrary, you should spend more time making the advertising text more concise and effective. Don't worry about being blunt as long as you're able to make your point within the allowable limit. If you've got the best offer around, say so right away. You do want the customer to know about it, right?

So go ahead and add these two tips to your arsenal of AdWords tips. There's no such thing as too much when you're advertising on the Internet.

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