Email Marketing Tips - Secrets of Customized Email Marketing Revealed!

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When internet marketers first realized the explosive potential of email marketing they went at it hammer and tongs and sent out emails to every person on their mailing list and even to those who weren't. When it seemed like this was working just great, they went ahead and sent everybody a second email & then a third without taking the time to put any email marketing strategy in place.

Very soon email marketers were flooding their recipients with emails, most of which were unasked for and unwanted. It got to a point where email marketing was synonymous with spam and everyone who dabbled in email marketing was labeled a scammer. Moreover, with a flood of unsolicited mail in their inbox every day most customers just deleted unsolicited mail without even bothering to take a look at the contents.

Soon opt-ins and personalized subject lines became de rigeur in email marketing. These two strategies ensured that the recipients would at least open the mail. However, a personalized subject line without any personalized, relevant content could not sustain the interest of the readers, which meant another approach had to be found and fast.

The email marketing strategy adopted by I-Tunes is the quintessence of customized email marketing in today's scenario. After selecting the artist or artists you are most interested in, you can request to be notified whenever there is a new album or single available. You can expect every mail you receive from I-Tunes hereafter to reflect the choices you've made. This means I-Tunes has paid heed to your needs and has personalized and customized the email for you and you alone. What better way to ensure that you will open EVERY email that they send you!

Essentially, what I-Tunes has done is it has put the ball in the customer's court. You made your choices and asked to be notified; all I-Tunes is doing is complying with your request. You'd be hard put to find a more brilliant email marketing strategy.

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