Social Marketing Tips - Top 3 Tips For Using Social Marketing the Right Way

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Looking for some social marketing tips? Well, there are literally thousands of websites that all list tips in some form or another. However you'd be surprised to know that some folks still make some basic mistakes that make the rest of their operation pointless. So without any further ado, here's our take on the subject in a couple of short tips that will help you market socially like a pro.

1. Keeping it Simple

KISS - Yes it's the name of a band but also an acronym for "Keep It Simple Stupid". While the last 'S' is debatable and sometimes even controversial, it's the first three letter that actually matter. The fact is, over complicating your social marketing strategy will more often than not drive potential customers away. The purpose of sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc. is to socialize, and that's exactly what you must do. This means no hard selling, no direct sales pitch. It's an environment where work and play has to become a seamless mix.

2. Silence is Golden, But Traffic Is Better

Go where the traffic already is. This might seem like a superfluous tip, but it's one that could point you at the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. While most marketers stay with Digg, Twitter, Facebook, etc., you have to remember that the online gaming community has a pretty big audience, too. This naturally makes for hours of fun... while working.

3. The Way of Plenty

Give as much as you can. Yes, we know this is more applicable to spirituality, but it does work. More specifically, you can generate more success for yourself by supplying others with 'freebies'. Examples here include some free info or insider tips as well as hosting or organising events where all your social networking contacts can meet and enjoy themselves.

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