Affiliate Marketing Secrets - How 'Demographics' Can Make You a Wealthy Affiliate Marketer

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So you've done your research on how to make money with affiliate programs and you know the basics. But how do you choose one? Every affiliate program offers different advantages making it rather difficult to decide. With a little more research you could come up with a pretty fail-safe way of ascertaining which is best for you.

The key to make money with affiliate programs lies not so much in the possible rewards to be gained from your affiliate program but in the demographics of the visitors to your website. What is the average age group of your visitors? Where they are from? Why do they visit your website? What it is that interests them?

An example, let's assume you own an online gardening website and your visitors are typically from areas where there are ample opportunities to garden and if they fall in the 40-60 age group. In this case you might do well with a Pay Per Sale scheme where your advertisers sell tools or literature on the subject. If, however, your visitors are from cities and fall into the 20-40 age group, odds are they are there more for the information than to buy anything. Here, they might be more inclined to follow links from your website rather than buy a specific advertised product.

There is of course one other type of affiliate program you will be able to benefit from: Pay Per Impression. This type of program pays per 1000 displays of the advertiser's banner. As opposed to the other two affiliate programs, this one will additionally depend on the volume of traffic you receive on a daily or monthly basis. High traffic volumes means that you will be able to make money with affiliate programs such as these, while low traffic volumes would indicate that you'd be better served by considering one of the other two.

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