Affiliate Marketing Success - Learn the 3 Profitable Models of Affiliate Marketing

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f you've done a bit of reading on the internet, then you will know that opportunities for making money are rife. However those in which you have to invest to gain carry a certain amount of risk in that you stand to lose the money you have invested. So how can you make money without losing? You can make massive affiliate commissions without taking unnecessary risks.

Affiliate programs for the most part mean that you allow advertisers to advertise their products on your website. From this you can earn money in any one of three ways:

1. Pay Per Impression

Also known as CPM or Cost Per Thousand ('M' being the Latin symbol for a thousand) this type of affiliate program is based on allowing a company to host its banner on your website. For every thousand impressions (views) of its banner, you earn a fixed amount of cash. However there is one catch here: your website will have to do moderately well in terms of visitors to make this a viable option.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a model that does not require you to have a high volume of visitors, PPC simply requires you to display ads on certain pages of your website. If someone clicks on the link, you get paid. As simple as that. Although this might seem a bit more profitable than the Pay Per Impression method, you have to keep in mind that PPC remuneration rates are often lower - where you could earn $5 with the former, you will probably only earn an average of $0.2 with every click.

3. Pay Per Sale

And finally for those who want to make money with affiliate programs, there is the Pay Per Sale scheme, one where you get paid a commission based on every sale that comes from your website. This is by far the highest paying affiliate program but also the one that could be the hardest to make money from if you want to make money with affiliate programs.

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