Article Marketing Tips - Creating Your Cash Spewing Article Marketing Strategy by Tonight

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Having an effective article marketing strategy could mean the difference between online success and online failure, especially if it is a main component of your online advertising campaign. So what does an effective article marketing strategy require?

The Articles

Take a look at the requirements in terms of the articles themselves as they will obviously be the body of the entire strategy.

A good article is one that's informative, clear and well written. Do you need to be a journalist or a professional writer? No, not necessarily. But it helps to have good spelling and equally good grammar. The reason for this is that too many mistakes will shake the confidence of the people who read your articles. In addition, be free with your information. If people can get some new information from your articles that they can't get anywhere else, then they'll consider you an expert on the subject and always coming back for more.

Where, When and How Many?

Assuming you've got the writing side of things down quite comfortably, it is time to consider where you will be posting your articles, how many and how often.

A good way to go about it is to make a list of all the reputable websites where you will be able to publish your articles. They number in their thousands, so to start off, choose anywhere between 50 and 30. Make sure you write a unique article for each of these article directories where you decide to post to avoid getting penalized for duplication.

Last but not least, after you've had your articles written and know where you will be posting them, it is time to consider how often do repeat the procedure. Is once enough? Well no - the first batch of articles and posts will simply serve as an indicator of the reaction to your content and where adjustments are needed. The effective article marketing strategy will have to be repeated periodically to gain long term results. How often depends entirely on your overall SEO strategy. If you will only be using articles, then you may have to consider doing it on a weekly (sometimes daily) forums, etc., then monthly article submission will suffice.

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