OMG! Do You Know How To Get People To Read Your Ebooks?

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So you have already decided about the topic that you think many people would be interested in. You already formulated an outline of the things that you need to put in your e-book to make it more interesting to read. But how do you make these people actually get your e-book and read it?

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When people try to find books to read, the first thing they look at is the title. In fact, this is applicable to any product, not only to books. The title or the label is always the first thing seen by consumers. Most of the time these people buy the product based on its title or label. Some take time to scan the contents and other things they can find out about the product. But, still, the major factor that affects the decision to purchase the item is the title or label.

Try to test yourself. Let us say you are trying to look for ways to generate income over the internet. Then you came across a couple of e-books that talk about that same topic that you want to learn about, but with different titles.

The title of the first e-book is "Different Ways to Generate Money Over the Internet."

The second one is called "How Did I Make $30,000 In Just One Month of Using the Internet?"

With those titles given, which one do you think would you choose and read first? Both of them will definitely give you the information you need but the e-book that is more tempting to read is the second one, isn't it?

From the title of the first e-book, it promises to show you the different ways to earn money over the internet. It may give you the techniques, the programs or job offers over the internet that would give you sufficient income. And, yes, you can definitely learn from it and try those ways that the book suggests.

However, the second e-book seems more appealing and definitely grabs your attention. It is because the title implies that the person who wrote the book indeed earned a huge sum of money over the internet and is willing to share it to other people. This e-book seems more credible as the techniques or programs that the book may suggest are tried and tested.

The second title, indeed, is catchier than the first as it promises to give you what you want and what you are looking for. At the end of the day, what you really want is something that will show you a tested way on earning a big sum of money, not just tell you the different things that you can try but there is no guarantee.

Both titles may be used on a single e-book but using the second one will be more successful than the first. People are most likely to buy something that would be beneficial to them. People buy benefits, not just features.

To succeed in marketing, you must keep that principle in mind: that people buy benefits. So every time you think of a title to your e-book, sales letter or advertisement, always consider that fact.

The title you choose should:
- catch the attention of your potential customers
- clearly show what your e-book offers and what it is about
- arouse curiosity and interest of potential customers
- most of all, promise benefits to these customers

To be able to do that, try to place yourself in your potential customer's shoe. What do you think would tempt you in a title? Check out other e-books that cover the same topic, if there are, and pick one that you think has the best title. Then analyze why you think it is the best among others. You can also ask a friend who may be interested in the subject you are going to write what title would interest him.

Another tip is to keep your title as short as possible. Short titles, but straight to the point, are the best. Adding a sub-title will also help in providing much more benefits to your potential customers.

Always remember that the title of your e-book is critical to its success. An e-book with a title that catches the attention and promises benefits to your potential customers will prove to be easier to sell and distribute than those with just a simple, descriptive title. So start thinking of the title that will promise the most benefits to your target market. Again, people don't just buy features, they buy benefits!
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