8 Amazing Techniques To Help Any Business Online Defeat Their Competition

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1. Offer free original content. Give them as much free content as they possibly can handle. One of my mentors online has taught me that when you give a lot of free content, even through your free email newsletter, your subscribers will buy from you down the road and put a lot of trust in you.

2. If you have a free software that you can give your people, this will also help you when you have other competitors that don't have this. People love a free software and when they can download it on their computer, even better.

3. When people come to your site or subscribe to your newsletter, hold some free sweepstakes and contests where they can win some great prizes. You will be amazed at home many people will come to your site just because you just announced a contest. Many people will tell their close friends about you and your site.

4. Why not create some sort of a directory of web sites on a popular topic that will attract your target audience.

5. Offer your visitors a chance to subscribe to your free newsletter. Let them know of all the stuff that they will get once subscribed. Point out all the benefits of them joining.

6. You need to have a nice looking and easy to navigate website. Have nice graphics and make sure that you get your own website name and not some free websites that don't look professional. Register a great domain name for your niche.

7. Add urgency when you ask people to buy from you. Give them a lower price and tell them that it is available for the next 24 hours only.

8. Create a pop under when people leave your site. I have tested this in the past few months and it works like a charm. Once a visitor comes to your site and then decides that they want to leave, your chances of making a sale increases when you hit them with a pop under and a time sensitive offer.

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