Ebook Marketing Tips - Secrets of Cashing in Big Time With Your Own Ebook

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Ebook is an acronym for an electronic book and eBook writing is similar to regular book writing. The major difference between the two is that an eBook is usually significantly shorter and is printed electronically instead of being printed. This makes and eBook easily available to anybody who is interested in it as they download it immediately and get the information they need as opposed to going to a book shop and checking if it is available or not or ordering it and waiting for it to arrive.

Even an eBook had it limitations though as it could only be read on a computer. Products such as Kindle, which was introduced by Amazon, have made eBooks even more popular as you no longer need your large computer or laptop. You can now read the eBook using this nifty little portable device. Since the advent of the Kindle, more and more people are learning eBook writing in an attempt to cash in on this innovative money making opportunity.

How do you Write a Good Book?

If you are one of those who'd like to write an eBook, you need to know the basic premise of writing a book. A good book typically opens with a conflict that is resolved at the end of the book. This is true of non fiction as well as fiction books. An eBook will usually present a problem to the reader in the title of the book and then demonstrate the solution of the problem during the course of the book. In most cases, eBook writing is non-fiction writing that is usually used to sell an idea or a product.

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