Home Business Tips - 2 Business Ideas For the Creative Genius Who Wants Money

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ou've got to admit it; the Internet has opened up a whole new world for creative entrepreneurs of every ilk. Whether you have a creative flair for photography, crocheting, knitting or doll making, you are no longer restricted to exhibiting or attempting to sell your creations at local village fairs. With the opportunities open to you over the Internet, it is now easier than ever to globalize your home business ideas and unleash your creativity across the world.

Are you Crafty?

If you have nimble fingers and love creating crafts, there are several online marketplaces that you can use to exhibit and market your wares. Etsy, a site similar to eBay, deals exclusively with marketing crafts. Anybody looking for something unique that is hand-made would first check out this site. If you are marketing something spectacular, even if a buyer was browsing around for something else they are sure to come back and check out your products the next time they are looking for something different.

Do you Love Taking Photographs?

Taking photographs and selling them online is one of those home business ideas that very few people have explored. After all, who would want to buy photographs taken by some unknown, amateur photographer? Most people have a tough time just organizing their own family photographs!

Here's some news for all you photography enthusiasts reading this article - there are several sites such as ShutterStock, BigStockPhoto and Fotolia that actually welcome photographs of every genre and every time someone downloads one of your photographs you get paid. No, you don't get paid hundreds of dollars per photograph! But if you think about the number of people across the world that are looking for photographs they can use for various projects, the cents can accrue considerably. As far as home business ideas go, becoming a stock photographer is kind of hard to beat; all you need is a digital camera and you are on your way.

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